NTX Research is the inventor of XC cryptographic technology and “Sea-Battle” authentication with a unique Dematerialized 2-Factor Strong Authentication for users and equipments:

  • One Time Password Authentication (OTP) in challenge-response protocol
  • Matricial system deployable on any device: CD card, USB data key, mobile phone, smartphone, smartcard, CD card, hard disk storage…
  • Unbreakable user secret code
  • Easy to deploy on a large scale (millions of end-users or terminals or smartphone)
  • Minimum cost per user (no additional device required)


NTX Research SA
Siège social : 111 avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris, France
Contact courriel : ntx@ntx-research.com
Téléphone : +33 (0)1 46 45 63 93

Our history

In some case, it is preferable to remain anonymous on Internet. In others, espacially in business, it is mandatory to be sure about users indentity as well as prove yours.