Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers many benefits to businesses and organizations that do not want to manage their own Internet and IT infrastructure : On demand server resources, guaranteed performance

, middleware and applications always up to date, transparent supervision, permanent access to users wherever they are …

However, the main obstacle to the adoption of Cloud Computing is, in the minds of decision makers and many others, the question of security:

  • How will my data be partitioned from those of other clients ?
  • How to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality ?

Here again, answers exist: virtualization, load balancing management , automated process for backup and restore, message digest or digest calculation with one-way hash functions and encryption.

But the essential question that arises is that of access control.

  • How to ensure that only authorized persons will be able to connect to such an online information system?

Indeed, a simple browser is enough for user to connect to its information system. It is therefore essential to be able to authenticate him for sure.

XCA (XC Authentication) of NTX Research meets perfectly one of the main security need for Cloud Computing to be fully trustable by millions of users.