NTX Research has extensive skills in the field of information system security in general and cryptography in particular. NTX Research offers consulting services and security services: security audit, development of IT and Information Security Policy (PSII), security missions (security system design, firewall architecture, PKI problem …), training in security IT security.

Our courses offer a synthetic education that clarifies the various security issues. They are illustrated by our concrete experience gained from all our French and foreign customers. Our training can be provided at the customer.


Face-to-face trainings

NTX Research currently offers six courses:

  • F01 – Secure your Intranet, Extranet and Internet networks (level 1) – 4 days (including 1.5 in the workshop).
  • F02 – How to carry out the security audit of your information system (level 1) – 2 days.
  • F03 – How to develop your computer and information security policy (PSII) (level 1) – 3 days.
  • F04 – Authentication methods (level 1) – 1.5 days.
  • F05 – Security for the Cloud (Level 1) – 1.5 days.
  • F06 – Digital Identity (Level 1) – 1.5 days.

Trainings details

Secure your Intranet, Extranet and Internet networks 1 F01_Plan_detaille_v1.0
How to perform the security audit of your information system 1 F02_Plan_detaille_v1.0
How to elaborate your computer and informational security policy (PSII) 1 F03_Plan_detaille_v1.0
Authentication methods 1 F04_Plan_detaille_v1.0
Security for the Cloud 1 [Coming Soon]
The digital identity 1 F06_Plan_detaille_v1.0

Online trainings – e-Learning

NTX Research also offers online trainings.
They can be found at  secureittraining.net (currently under construction)
These courses are aimed at a varied audience.
In addition, they can be adapted to the specific context of your organization.

Contact us for more information.