NTX Research is information systems security software designer/editor and inventor of innovative solutions which combine various information, electronics and telecommunications technologies.

NTX Research Specialist in digital identity and strong two-factor authentication for Internet, mobile (unbreakable user secret code) and the Internet of Things (IOT Internet of Things). Information systems security expert with methodology and innovative tools to facilitate the description, understanding and thus securing any digital system.
Internet trust service provider: universal strong authentication, digital safe, electronic signature, digital identity server.

NTX Research offers training and consulting services in cybersecurity.

NTX Research management team

Pascal Thoniel, CEO and Chief Technical Officer

  • Masters of Finance from IEP Paris, Eco-Fi, Finance (Sciences Po)
    12 years of experience in Business IT, Founder of NTX Research, 15 years of experience in IT Security, Inventor of “XC” technology, a new cryptographic solution for authentication and confidentiality, Inventor of “PKI2.0”, a non-hierarchical and user-centric PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), IT Security Audit and Policy designer

Francis Melemedjian, Sales Manager

  • Graduated from Supelec, Paris, France in 1984 (master degree Computer Science).
    Francis joined the central telecommunications labs of Hewlett-Packard in Colorado Springs and Amsterdam as an engineer. Then moved to business development executive position across Europe in several top ranked companies. Hewlett-Packard, Convex Super computers, Cadence Design Systems, Lucent Technologies, 3Com et Altium. Lately, Francis focussed his actions in the areas of Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity at co- founder of NTX Research.

Advisory Board

Kim Seng Fong, Software architect

  • 20 years experience in software development
  • J2EE architecture specialist

Business development

Yibin Zhang, Sales development Asia/Pacific

  • Consultant
  • Europe / China trade specialist

Developpement Team

Our security software solutions are the result of the work from cryptographers, engineers and technicians  : Anne Gosselin, Arnaud Dostes, Bruno Nicol, Clément Rivet, Christophe Van Frackem, Dewi Guenanten, Didier Chabanol, Dragos Zaharia, Etienne Chenuet, Frédéric C., Grégory Lagasse, Guruprasad K., Jayalakshmi P.S., Jean-Philippe Defrance, Julien Couvidou, Kaushik A., Kylan Builong, Mohamed Akli Redjedal, Nicolas Vasseur, Rémi Aber, Renaud Thirion, Sébastien Guittet, Sonia Lajnef, Subramanya C.R., Sumalatha Challa, Walid Nouh.

NTX Research has benefit from technical and development help from :

  • Alexandre Riso, Ghislain Guimberteau, Hélène Truffy, Jean-Sébastien Nottez
  • Alexis Kinsella, Céline Magu, Mohamed Saadouni
  • Khaled Garri, Mohamed Mameri, Nesrine Jlidi